Reduce stress and restore health. Practice active relaxation by supporting the body using props to alternately stimulate and relax the body toward achieving balance. The asanas used create specific physiological responses which are beneficial to health and can reduce the effects of stress related diseases such as ulcers, auto immune diseases, high blood pressure and more.





Recommended for those who wish to practice gentle movements and conditioning exercises that open hips, knees, ankles, lower back, upper body, spine, and reduce stress. Learn and practice basic asanas, pranayama and meditation. All poses are taught prone, supine, hands & knees or seated. Gentle II - Like Gentle and includes a little standing & balancing


Yoga Basics



This class is perfect for people who have little or no experience with yoga. Learn the basics of yoga (posture, breathing, relaxation, basic meditation) at a pace that is not overwhelming, and in a safe and encouraging environment. The focus is on standing poses,  alignment, form, and finding "your yoga."


All Levels



Students of all levels are welcome to come, and modifications are shown. It is recommended that you take a few level I/II classes or Yoga Basics if you have no prior experience. ICY all levels yoga is a vinyasa form of yoga that heals, detoxifies and energizes the body and mind at their deepest levels.





A yoga class utilizing breath and flowing movements to connect both static and dynamic asanas. Knowledge and practice of yoga asana form recommended. Intermediateand advanced students welcome. Hot flow is in a nicely heated room.



A comprehensive and safe form of exercise to practice during pregnancy. We teach classical hatha yoga utilizing yoga asanas with and without props so that mother and baby obtain maximum benefit from poses without strain.

Join other moms-to-be on a six-week journey exploring the joys of pregnancy from 6:30-8:00 pm on the following Tuesdays:

The 2018 Six-Week Series dates are:
January 9 -February 13
February 27-April 3
April 17-May 22
June 5- July 10
July 24-August 28
September 11-October 16

The following four forms need to be completed before attending class. Please note, one of the forms requires a doctor's signature.

Medical History


Physician Consent

Prenatal Yoga Waiver

Investment: $85