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Practice Yoga. Find Peace.
Experience Bliss.

New Clients: Never been in ICY before? Experience the authentic tradition of the Himalayan Masters by attending a yoga class of your choice.  Our drop-in rate is $19. If you join as a member or purchase a 10-visit package on your first visit, we will refund your $19 and your first visit is FREE!

We invite you to be member our Inner Connections Yoga family. At $109 per month for a one-year commitment, you receive unlimited yoga classes every month, along with some special offerings along the way! Our couple's rate is $149 per month for a one year commitment - your partner only pays $40 per month for unlimited yoga! You also have an option to freeze your membership (please read your agreement). If you have not locked in your membership, NOW is the time!

Our best deal is a one year, paid-in-full membership for $899. For less than $75 per month, you have access to unlimited yoga for the entire year and you save a minimum of $168!

If you are unable to commit to a year of practice, we offer options which include a 6-month or 10-visit package.  Contact the studio or visit our pricing page for more details.

Learn more about our classes and healing modalities by calling ICY (303-688-8598) or perusing our website. 


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Drop-in: SPECIAL - $20
(regular $35)

5 visit: SPECIAL - $90
(regular $150 – 30 per visit)

10 visit: SPECIAL - $160
(regular $250 – 25 per visit)


Student Summer Rate
June-August 31 $149