Benefits of a Infrared Yoga Practice

What Is Infrared Yoga?

The hipper younger sister of hot yoga is practiced in a room heated by infrared technology. Rather than blasting steamy air at you (like a typical hot yoga studio), the heaters actually warm you on a molecular level, from the inside out. The difference provides benefits like increased blood flow, intense detoxification, and digestion stimulation in addition to boosting your metabolism and burning calories.


·       Burns hundreds of calories in 20-30 minutes

·       Reduces stress and fatigue 

·       Strengthens the cardiovascular system 

·       Heals injuries faster and more efficiently 

·       Relieves pain and migraine headaches 

·       Eases joint pain and stiffness 

·       Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility 

·       Deep cleanses skin naturally 

·       Removes toxins and mineral waste 

·       Improves the immune system 

·       Increases metabolism 

·       Helps fight cancer cells and generate healthy cells

·       Removes heavy metals, toxins and pollutants from the tissue

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