The Spiritual Warrior and The Yogi

I invite you to join me in VIrasana or any seat that offers you a balance between effort and ease.

At the root of suffering is a need to control, to direct - anything, everything -people, places, and things in our lives.

At Inner Connections Yoga, we cultivate the Spiritual Warrior and the Yogi who lie within each of us every time we show up on our mat.

As a Warrior, we are mindful to fight for that which we can change. We practice Warrior I, II, and III to honor our fight against our own ignorance and ego, and to cultivate the strength and courage to do the right thing under difficult circumstances. The growth of our Spiritual Warrior nature includes developing the courage, unwavering focus, and determination to deal with our life’s challenging moments. We practice cultivating the mind of the Warrior, remaining unattached to the outcome as we learn to stay centered and work through our own physical, mental, and emotional limitations.

At Inner Connections Yoga when we show up on our mat we learn to let go, to allow, to simply accept – people, places, things - as they are and as they come to us. We learn to be with the healing in the present moment.  This is how it is now. We let go. We let it be. When we honor our practice as a Yogi, we accept and embrace that which we cannot change and offer peace from a compassionate heart space.

Bow to honor your asana practice today. Place right hand on floor followed by left hand. Bow forward, honoring the Warrior that lies within us - that Warrior that is prepared to fight for that which we know we can change and who can recognize that we can change.  Now bring hands to prayer as you come back to Virasana to honor and bow to the Yogi within us who is ready to make peace and to accept that which we cannot change.