Awaken the Essence of Your Heart

Jeanne Adams, ERYT- 500

The yoga tradition explains that emotional energy is channeled through the heart chakra, the subtle energetic station which correlates to the heart, chest, and lungs.  When the heart channel is blocked due to emotional upset, physical tension can manifest in the chest and between the scapulae.  For instance, you may feel the pain of a “broken heart” literally as tightness in your chest, or a constriction of the breath. Or your body may gradually respond to emotional trauma by slouching forward in a posture that contracts your chest in an attempt to protect your heart from more pain.

In combination with other therapeutic modalities, yoga practices can be used prescriptively to nourish a weary heart through grief, to open the heart again to its natural brilliance, and to channel love and peace through the heart and to share it with others.

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