The Advent of Practice

   When we practice yoga, we are carefully listening to the language of our own body—its tension, sensitivity, even pain—and respecting what we hear rather than ignoring it or trying to push through. We are experimenting—adapting, adjusting, assimilating-and discovering what helps our bodies to create ease, space, and ultimately peace. We are listening and observing the emotion behind the tension. And we are watching our minds- capturing images, thoughts, and memories-as they fluctuate being ever mindful of clues about what is happening at a deeper, hidden level of being. We are listening with care and developing compassion.

     The place to start is with our own body. This process may not be exciting to view from the outside, but from the inside it is a deep exploration of who we really are.  By understanding ourselves, we are able to share that deep sense of being with others through our calm, relaxed, and clear state of awareness.