Why Letting Go is So Important in Yoga

The concept of non-attachment is an important part of the practice of yoga.  To "let go" of something in our lives that no longer serve us or that we no longer need leaves us space for something else to arrive or enter.  Turn towards something deeper and more meaningful, something that is more positive, wholesome, and healthier.

Let go of greed and practice generosity. Let go of judgmental attitudes and replace them with open-mindedness and acceptance.  Release anger and invite love, tolerance, compassion and peace into your life. Let go of jealously and celebrate the good fortune of others. Let go control and meet life on its own terms, embracing it as it as it comes to you. Relax your "squeeze" on life and let it unfold. Be mindful that your positive and open attitude can carry you through whatever life brings to you.  There is learning in all experiences in life, if you look for it.

Actively practice letting go. Practice open hands, open arms, open heart, open eyes, open mind.